Change of Pace

As you can see my studio is just as untidy when I am painting and drawing as when I am in the design and fabric selection process of making a fibre wall hanging!
After spending the last ten months totally concerned with fibre I am at last getting down to doing some painting! Although even when I am working with fabric I do a lot of drawings and sketches to come up with the various designs that finally make it into a hanging but have not been actually putting paint on a paint brush and then to paper.

I have two shows coming up in the next few months. One with Kathleen Hamann-Buckoski at the Gwen Fox Gallery in Selkirk in October and one by myself, “Places Revisited”, at the Wayne Arthur Gallery in St. Boniface in November. So the next few months are going to be very busy.

For the second show I have been doing sketches for two pieces that are based on different buildings on Provencher Boulevard in the French Quarter of Manitoba. St Boniface is Canada’s largest French speaking community outside of Quebec. The pictures will give you a taste of what I have been doing but you will have to come to the show in St. Boniface to see the finished articles!
To begin with I walked the Boulevard drawing and taking photographs. Then I started to draw and to arrange the various buildings – using artistic preference as opposed to actual consecutive addresses. Next came a finished drawing, then a final ink drawing on to watercolour paper – and then the fun begins!! As you can see even with my paintings I am heavily into things that are labour intensive!!! But as with my hangings I thoroughly enjoy working with design towards completion.