March 4th snow storm redux

Well Southern Manitoba has survived the March 4th snow storm along with lots of information about the BIG one March 4th 1966. That was my first Manitoba winter!!! For a person who before she came here could count all experienced snow storms on one hand it was all very exciting. Coming from the South West of England you had to get up very early in the morning in order to make a snowball before it all melted! In 1966 I spent hours running around photographing people on snowshoes and skis, I even helped the caretaker of my apartment to shovel around the place!

During this storm I stayed indoors and worked in warmth on one of my fibre pieces which includes fish and seaweed of a much more tropical environment.

Fibre quilt in progress tropical scene

This is still a work in progress with various pieces of seaweed, coral and fish still vying for position. This is the piece I am working on for the Abstraction show with Kathleen Hamann-Buckoski.

Now the sun is shining and the view from the studio makes it almost look inviting!

The sun is shinning as seen from Judith' studio